Horizon Zero Dawn

Made by Guerrilla | 2017 | Available in the PS store

Wow, this game is extraordinarily beautiful! The machines, the environment, the outfits, the cutscenes, the tribal theme, the battling, the story. Everything is just…. beautiful! And Aloy must be one of the most bad ass female protagonists in gaming in recent years. But seeing as this blog isn’t dedicated to game reviews, I’ll gladly refer you to IGN’s review of Horizon Zero Dawn (or any other review platform of your own choosing).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, back to the topic at hand: maps. And Horizon Zero Dawn has one of those, and it is… beautiful!

At first glance just an ordinary in-game map, nothing really special about it. But up close it turns out to be a surprisingly detailed aerial photo-ish kind of map. Did I already mention how beautiful this game is!?

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170406135939
Just an ordinary, everyday, openworld game map
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170402163636
Detailed part of Mother’s Embrace
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170403135601
Devil’s Grief
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170406155547
Meridian from above

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