Gray Matter

Made by Wizarbox | 2010 | Available on Steam

The last few days I’ve been replaying Gray Matter, designed by the incredible Jane Jensen. With its story playing out in Oxford, we are treated to a slightly stylized map of the historical city centre. Although I must admit I’m not all that crazy about the way the locations are incorporated in the map, I am highly charmed by the fact that the map is actually highly true to Oxford’s real city centre (yes, I ‘Google Mapped’ it).

Gray Matter’s map of Oxford

3 thoughts on “Gray Matter

    1. That is exactly how I remembered it! But having replayed the game, I actually thought the puzzles were relatively easy and straightforward. That is, up until the very last part where you have to find your way through this ridiculous maze-like cellar of the Daedalus club… 🙂

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